Twitter officially confirmed that a January breach led to the leak of information connected to 5.4 million accounts. Two weeks ago, a hacker on Breach Forums offered email addresses and phone numbers connected to the accounts, which they said ranged from “celebrities, companies, randoms, OGs, etc.” Researchers immediately tied the post to a vulnerability in Twitter’s platform that was discovered in January by a security researcher who reported the issue through HackerOne, which operates a bug bounty platform used by Twitter. Twitter told The Record on July 22 that it would investigate the issue. On Friday, the company confirmed both that the information was obtained through the vulnerability and that the stolen information was legitimate.

How Monero Can Help Topple an Authoritarian Regime
Rafael LaVerde was joined backstage at MoneroTopia 2022 by Martha Bueno, Candidate for Miami-Dade Commission District 10. Rafael and Martha discussed libertarian activism, why liberty matters, and how Monero can be used to usher in freedom in Cuba and other places with tyrannical governments.

Cake Pay released for Cake Wallet and apps. Buy gift cards instantly with XMR, BTC, and LTC.
- Only email needed! - Buy arbitrary amounts, eg: $354.23! - Save 1-3% on ALL supported merchants! - Most cards work both online and in-store! - Works at over 150,000 locations in the US! - Brand new cards through authorized sellers! - Instant acceptance!

"Squeak Road" is a new app in the Umbrel app store that lets anyone run their own darknet market. Just go to the app store and install the app, and you are now the admin of a darknet market. You can share the onion address publicly so that buyers and sellers can find your market. All payments and withdrawals use lightning network. As the admin of your market, all you have to do is set the fee rate, and approve/reject listings from sellers. starts accepting XMR for Prepaid Visa virtual debit cards and various gift cards
There are no fees and no personal info is required for card purchases, other than an email address (for delivery), but only US Visa Cards are currently supported and they come with a max limit of $1000 USD. An onionsite is available for Tor users and besides Monero, the platform also accepts Bitcoin (including LN), Litecoin and Dogecoin via BTCPayServer. The shop is currently selling Prepaid Visa debit cards ($10 - $1000) and various gift cards for Steam, Amazon, Apple, Starbucks and others.

[WASHINGTON, D.C. – Aug. 2, 2022] Project Veritas released a newly leaked document today provided by an FBI whistleblower, which shows how the Bureau classifies American citizens it deems to be potential “Militia Violent Extremists” [MVEs].

A federal district court in California on Friday denied Google's motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging that the Silicon Valley giant is violating federal antitrust laws by preventing fair competition against its YouTube video platform. The lawsuit against Google, which has owned YouTube since its 2006 purchase for $1.65 billion, was brought in early 2021 by Rumble, the free speech competitor to YouTube. Its central claim is that Google's abuse of its monopolistic stranglehold on search engines to destroy all competitors to its various other platforms is illegal under the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, which makes it unlawful to “monopolize, or attempt to monopolize…any part of the trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations.”

"Paving The Road To Hell": Digital ID Systems Could Lead To Severe, Irreversible Human Rights Violations According to the report, the digital ID has been dressed up as an “unstoppable juggernaut and inevitable hallmark of modernity and development in the 21st century,” causing dissenting voices to be “written off as Luddites and barriers to progress.”

by Heady Wook

Twitter has imposed a blockade on all content from The Epoch Times without explanation, raising further concerns about freedom of speech on the platform.

According to a report by the company, there was a 103% increase in the number of legal demands targeting verified journalists. The platform received 47,572 demands targeting 198,931 accounts. 11,460 of those demands were made by governments, with 20% coming from the US government. The platform received 11,500 requests for information on accounts during the same period, which was a 7% decrease from the first half of 2021. Most of these requests for information made by governments were made by the US government. Twitter reported that it opposed 29 requests for account information from the US government. But it complied with 69% of these requests.

A report by the Tony Blair Institute has recommended the adoption of digital IDs to help solve the problem of illegal immigration in the UK. The report argues that one of the reasons the UK has an illegal immigration problem is the government’s failure to do away with a black market of agencies and employers who give jobs to illegal immigrants. So, it proposes a “digital identity verification” system that would be mandatory for every UK resident seeking work or benefits. To obtain the digital ID, an immigrant would have to prove that they reside in the UK legally through the verification of their passport or an equivalent document. However, all citizens would have to have a digital ID.

On Monday, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he delivered a letter to President Biden last week where he pleaded for the US not to prosecute Julian Assange and renewed an offer to grant asylum to the WikiLeaks founder. Lopez Obrador said he explained in the letter that Assange "did not cause anyone’s death, did not violate any human rights and that he exercised his freedom, and that arresting him would mean a permanent affront to freedom of expression."

In order to prevent browsers like Brave and Firefox from deploying URL stripping that removes tracking parameters added to links by Facebook and others, like Amazon, Facebook is reportedly turning to encrypting links. Instead of changing tracking parameters in URLs, they are now encrypted and cannot be automatically removed. This means that browsers at this time cannot do anything to prevent tracking via Facebook URLs.

Today, the ACLU published thousands of pages of previously unreleased records about how Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and other parts of the Department of Homeland Security are sidestepping our Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable government searches and seizures by buying access to, and using, huge volumes of people’s cell phone location information quietly extracted from smartphone apps.

Proofpoint data since early 2021 shows a sustained effort by APT actors worldwide attempting to target or leverage journalists and media personas in a variety of campaigns, including those well-timed to sensitive political events in the United States. Some campaigns have targeted the media for a competitive intelligence edge while others have targeted journalists immediately following their coverage painting a regime in a poor light or as a means to spread disinformation or propaganda. For the purposes of this report, we focus on the activities of a handful of APT actors assessed to be aligned with the state interests of China, North Korea, Iran, and Turkey.

In an article published July 11, the WEF issued a call to its legion of Young Global Leaders, arguing that the sky-high gas prices we are experiencing in 2022 are simply not high enough. As though ordinary people aren’t suffering enough pain at the gas pump, Klaus Schwab is claiming the current prices are severely “underpriced.” The WEF article is complicated and disingenuous, but it basically calls for an end to any and all tax credits for oil, gas, and coal production — along with higher taxes. This idea isn’t new. Basically, it’s the same idea as pricing fossil fuels based on their carbon content. The result would make gas an unaffordable luxury for the vast majority of the population.