∀x ¬∃y Legitimate(x,y), x ∈ all_time, y ∈ all_governments

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First Order Logic | HackLiberty
Bit of an off the wall paper I wanted to write on First Order Logic. This is just an introduction as I have found that Intros for FoL kind of suck.

I need to +1 this and comment that it is worth watching. I know its long but it is very much worth it.

Understanding RSA
I put together a short paper on understanding the underlying mathematics of RSA encryption. I hope it helps others to understand what is happening at a fundamental level with RSA

I wanted to make sure I shared this from 3Blue1Brown since it is by far the best explanation of the underlying mathematics and workings of Bitcoin and most Crypto currencies in general. All credit Goes to 3Blue1Brown for this, I'm just sharing.

Monero CLI Wallet Training With Stagenet
I have not seen a good start to end Monero CLI playground setup to learn how to use it, so here is one I put together.