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Slides/transcript: https://agorism.blog/anarkio/survival-outside-the-state

Bitcoin for Small Business without the NgU. An open source brochure to present to small businesses in your community. PDF here: https://github.com/linkinparkrulz/Brochures

Monero: Private Digital Cash
Simple webpage with an introduction to Monero, where to spend and earn it, and how to accept it in your business.

Crypto Agorism unites agorists and cryptocurrency users to build fair and free markets outside of the state, which provide necessities like food, jobs, housing, healthcare, sim cards, mail & more without censorship or surveillance.

Ghostnet – New KYC-free Monero marketplace
Ghostnet is a new KYC-free Monero marketplace with 2 categories: 1) Sell your products via Ghostnet's online store (similar to Ebay): https://ghostnet.id/market/ 2) Post a classifieds listing (similar to Monero Observer's community messages): https://ghostnet.id/classifieds/

Monerica – Join the Monero circular economy with over 300+ merchants, communities, services & more
Monerica is a directory of 300+ services, including businesses, communities, education, exchanges, finance, jobs, media, merchant services, mining, non-profits, official sites, onions, utilities and wallets.

Monero Observer – Daily Monero news, community messages and resources
Daily Monero news: https://monero.observer/ Community messages (buying, selling, announcements): https://monero.observer/tag/community 100+ Monero resources (wallets, merchants, tools, block explorers, etc.): https://monero.observer/resources/

x21.tools – Self sovereign tools
Resources, guides and links for Bitcoin, open source software for mobile and desktop, privacy tools, self-hosting and more.

40+ public domain Monero and Bitcoin infographics, sticker designs and gift card designs. Feel free to download, share, print, translate or edit.

KYC? Not me! – KYC-free exchanges, merchants, services & more
KYCNot.me offers a detailed list of KYC-free exchanges (fiat and altcoins), merchants (including VPNs, VPS hosts, SMS verification services and more) and other services, focused on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning and Monero.

Find work and hire people for Bitcoin with Microlancer (KYC-free)
Microlancer is a KYC-free Bitcoin Lightning freelance platform for jobs, gigs and microtasks with built-in escrow and P2P reviews. Signup for free and post a task, apply to an existing task or list your services.

Buy and sell products/services for Bitcoin in Telegram with https://t.me/BitcoinP2PMarketplace. Need an anonymous number? JuicySMS.com, TextVerified.com and SMSPVA.com offer KYC-free SMS verification for Bitcoin. You can additionally use Anbox in Whonix Workstation (https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Anbox) for more privacy.

Use Bitcoin to liberate yourself from the state's monopoly on money (fiat), identity (government ID KYC) and markets (regulations). Accept Bitcoin in your business, encourage your favorite stores to accept Bitcoin and trade in peer-to-peer marketplaces to create free markets for all.