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Mr. Harmon instantly dropped dead, the contrary view committing literal violence upon his body and soul.

Good grief, is he OK?!

That assumes that every instance is going to sign onto some fediblock blocklist.

I base this assumption on looking at lemmy posts, various instance blocklists and matrix messages. I am confident in assuming that several of the popular instances already follows this practice.

A lot of instances blindly follow ideas like that which is why my instance is banned on a lot of a certain part.


But the combination of federation and self-hosting is key. If a bunch of commies want to silence all dissent, that means that I get to hang out with all the cool people who are willing to see ideas they disagree with.

And with something unfederated you’d never have to have anything to do with group X with ideology Y. That’s not a very good case for federation, all of those things are achievable (and in a better way) on an isolated platform.

I consider the fediverse a semi-temporary solution to the problem of monolithic platforms. The future is P2P imo.

there’s always another instance, including building your own.

I am willing to bet money that a community instance banlist is coming, allowing the larger lemmyverse to completely exclude new instances. There’s already practice amongst several instances to ban on recommendation or if another instance have banned it. No evaluation, just censoring them from their instance.

And I’m not talking about temporarily or permanently banning instances that allow scat spam.

Could one say that the only real censorship resistant platform is a self-hosted one rather than a federated one?

Are you sure? If one looks at bans per active user, I’ve seen more people banned on on the lemmyverse than on any other platform, ever.

But I still don’t see how this makes much sense since Europe has virtually stopped most gas imports from Russia.

From what I’ve read, EU blockades have to be renewed periodically. In the weeks before the sabotage, there was growing unrest and demonstrations in Germany against the gas blockade as people were fearing the winter. The pipes were filled with gas and ready to go and Russia wanted to sell gas.

With the pipelines disabled, it removes a bargaining chip for the Russians. It could be a motive for those opposing Russia.

I tried visiting, it stole my ID and ordered 40 prostitutes in my name. I had to change my name. Do not recommend.

Well, I ain’t on twitter and I ain’t gonna be on “X”. It seems likely that he wants big data to feed his AI research and getting full access to Twitter is a big step in that direction. Having a “catch-all” app would complete it.

What a nightmare.

That’s a high price to pay for a small discount…

Just block freeforum and Wolfballs turns in to a low activity general server.

Also, isn’t linking just someone on the instance subscribing to somebody on a different instance?

cross-posted from: > His bail conditions include: > - not using encrypted apps. (Many apps and internet services, like messaging apps, online banking, gaming platforms, and streaming services, are encrypted.) > - has to produce his phone and laptop any time a police officer demands. > - he can only have one phone > - there is a list of 38 people, most of them his friends, that he is not allowed to communicate with. > > “To effectively shut down the right to political communication with these conditions, it seems extreme to me,” > > “They are peacefully protesting. Where is the threat to security?” > > Forcing someone’s personal information open for police surveillance is “an extraordinary step to take.” > > “Encryption is everywhere because it’s a fundamental part of keeping modern communications technology secure and functional,” a spokesperson for Electronic Frontiers Australia said. > > “[That includes] essentially any modern device, including laptops, mobile phones, ATMs, TVs, PlayStations, and government websites such as myGov, Medicare, and Centrelink.”

Everything openly accessible on the internet is subject to scraping. Open groups on Telegram isn’t any different. That’s not spying, IMO…

If someone were to present i.e. chatbots (auto moderators) and promising that it wouldn’t store anything it came across, that’s more like spying. If somebody was able to gleem into closed groups without permission or password, that’s spying.

Reading up on the github, I see nothing shady going on. “Masquerading” as real users, by making real accounts with real phone numbers? That’s real user accounts with fake names. Am I masquerading as a real user on lemmy since I don’t present my account with my real name? No.

I think the programmer is somewhat overselling what this is, it’s a logger and scraper of public information using legit methods. I’d be surprised if what I write now isn’t stored by serveral system, both benign and hostile/exploitative.

Also, don’t use Telegram for real stuff folks, but for other reasons than TGInformer.