Atomic swaps between BTC and XMR have been one of the most discussed and anticipated developments in the field for quite some time. While Farcaster is still working on the implementation of their protocol, the COMIT team has already delivered an MVP. Trustless cross-chain swaps are becoming a tangible reality. However, for atomic swaps to gain widespread and adopted, the user experience needs to be drastically improved. People shouldn't have to manually type commands into a terminal or understand the protocol at a technical level to participate. That's the problem this project aims to solve. *Make atomic swaps accessible to all!*

Accept donations or payments for your services or sales in over 60 coins and receive in your preferred one! Read more at:

The European Union could ban banks and crypto providers from dealing in privacy-enhancing coins such as zcash, monero and dash under a leaked draft of a money laundering bill obtained by CoinDesk. The plans from Czech officials, who are chairing talks among EU governments on the proposed law, would represent the latest nail in the coffin for anonymous means of payment following tough new rules agreed over the summer. “Credit institutions, financial institutions and crypto-asset service providers shall be prohibited from keeping …anonymity-enhancing coins,” said a legislative draft seen by CoinDesk, dated Nov. 9, which has been circulated to the bloc's other 26 member states for comment.

ANONERO releases Android-only Monero wallet 'ANON' at v0.1
ANONERO1 has released alpha version 0.12 of ANON3, an open source Android-only XMR app focused on privacy and security, based on xmrwallet’s Monero C++ library. v1.0 roadmap Monero only Default tor + proxy No 3rd-party services Required passphrase Polyseed mnemonic No subaddress reuse Encrypted backups Background sync Offline mode Build instructions and .APK downloads are available on Gitea4. Users are encouraged to inspect the GPLv3-licensed source code, test v0.1 basic functionality, submit PR’s and open new issues.

Cryptocurrency Resources for Sovereignty
- Cypherpunk, Agorist, and No-KYC Philosophy - NoKYC Guides - Crypto Services Directories - P2P Exchanges - P2P Crypto Marketplaces and Freelancing - Automated Exchanges - Crypto VPS & Domain Services - Crypto VPN Services - Crypto Credit Cards - Crypto Gift Cards - Crypto eSim Providers - Crypto SMS Providers

How Monero Can Help Topple an Authoritarian Regime
Rafael LaVerde was joined backstage at MoneroTopia 2022 by Martha Bueno, Candidate for Miami-Dade Commission District 10. Rafael and Martha discussed libertarian activism, why liberty matters, and how Monero can be used to usher in freedom in Cuba and other places with tyrannical governments.

Cake Pay released for Cake Wallet and apps. Buy gift cards instantly with XMR, BTC, and LTC.
- Only email needed! - Buy arbitrary amounts, eg: $354.23! - Save 1-3% on ALL supported merchants! - Most cards work both online and in-store! - Works at over 150,000 locations in the US! - Brand new cards through authorized sellers! - Instant acceptance! starts accepting XMR for Prepaid Visa virtual debit cards and various gift cards
There are no fees and no personal info is required for card purchases, other than an email address (for delivery), but only US Visa Cards are currently supported and they come with a max limit of $1000 USD. An onionsite is available for Tor users and besides Monero, the platform also accepts Bitcoin (including LN), Litecoin and Dogecoin via BTCPayServer. The shop is currently selling Prepaid Visa debit cards ($10 - $1000) and various gift cards for Steam, Amazon, Apple, Starbucks and others.

Monero: Private Digital Cash
Simple webpage with an introduction to Monero, where to spend and earn it, and how to accept it in your business.

Monero.How is one of the leading community websites for all things related to the open-source, decentralized, secure, private, and untraceable cryptocurrency Monero. It is a Monero hub containing a wealth of original tutorials, infographics, news feeds, price charts, monero mining calculator and unique statistics including Monero (XMR) vs Bitcoin (BTC), network transactions and fees, trading volume and prices, market capitalization, number of miners and hash rates within others.

A great resource for XMR Memes
Post Monero memes and get tipped Monero. Monero (XMR) Donations Happily Accepted. 88uQTGNFkKETBjgQmtEXXtUQgAfLFgD7ojRFgs6HR9HBhFZHNRW3rQ4HQjkNSqLnBS7SwKtPiP1VEfGKxcLweRnKUjmYViV

Monero Info-Dump and Resources
A collection of posts, infographics, and Monero resources.

Ghostnet – New KYC-free Monero marketplace
Ghostnet is a new KYC-free Monero marketplace with 2 categories: 1) Sell your products via Ghostnet's online store (similar to Ebay): 2) Post a classifieds listing (similar to Monero Observer's community messages):

VPS, Cloud Services, and Hosting Providers that accept Monero (XMR)
cross-posted from: > A comprehensive list of VPS and cloud-service/hosting providers that are either: > - (a) Tor-friendly ***or*** > - (b) accept Monero (XMR) and are privacy-driven

Monerica – Join the Monero circular economy with over 300+ merchants, communities, services & more
Monerica is a directory of 300+ services, including businesses, communities, education, exchanges, finance, jobs, media, merchant services, mining, non-profits, official sites, onions, utilities and wallets.

Monero Observer – Daily Monero news, community messages and resources
Daily Monero news: Community messages (buying, selling, announcements): 100+ Monero resources (wallets, merchants, tools, block explorers, etc.):

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