This is a summary of what I have learned from my encounters with inner and outer demons. Let this text be food for thought and don’t take my word for anything… but do customize what you read here to fit your own experience.

Much of what we know about aliens comes from what abductees and contactees themselves report. The problem is that fabrication, hallucination, and screen memories obscure the truth, so various protocols exist to improve the signal to noise ratio. These include cross-correlating multiple eyewitness accounts and using hypnotic regression techniques to bypass the memory blocks and screen memories installed by abductors. There is yet another source of noise, one not generally known but potentially widespread, which is the mimicry of alien contact by occult (non-alien) entities. Through telepathic means, occult entities have the ability to generate controlled hallucinations in the minds of their victims in order to reshape their beliefs and thereby control their behavior. What are occult entities (OEs)? They are what we might call ghosts, demons, negs, phantoms, shadow people, lower astral entities, or thoughtforms. Their ability to induce guided hallucinations in the vulnerable means they can project whatever scenario and cast of characters they wish.

How To Change The Field & Influence Matter
- 00:00 - 1940s Yale Research Studies ("Matter Doesn't Emit a Field, The Field Creates Matter") - 02:00 - The ONLY 2 Key Components That Show How To Change The Field - 03:20 - The Power & Importance of 2 Coherent Signatures - 04:30 - The Disempowering Trap of Consistent High Range Beta - 05:40 - Synchronising The Subdivided Brain (Understanding Super Coherence) - 06:45 - Understanding The Energy Centers of The Body (Sympathetic Nervous System vs Parasympathetic Nervous System) - 08:00 - Convergent Focus Vs Divergent Focus - 09:00 - Slowing Brain Waves Down (The Power of Open Focus) - 09:30 - How To Program The Energy Centers - 10:50 - "The FORMULA" - 11:54 - Two Daily Windows When The Subconscious Mind Is Already Open - 12:20 - Why 5 Minute Meditations Don't Work - 12:53 - Carving a Path Into The Subconscious Mind (Operating System) - 13:45 - It Takes Hard Work! - 14:18 - You Have Two Choices, Only One Will Change Your Life!

Tropical Astrology
For those who would like a handy reference pertaining to tropical astrology (i.e., traditional Western astrology), see my following article: * Jamie Michelle, ["Tropical Astrology"](https://web.archive.org/web/20220616062714/http://jamiemichelle.freevar.com/Jamie-Michelle-Tropical-Astrology.html), *Internet Archive*, June 16, 2022 (orig. pub. June 11, 2020), ark:/13960/t0wq8t60r; also available [here](https://ghostarchive.org/archive/aDceY), [here](https://megalodon.jp/2022-0616-1527-32/jamiemichelle.freevar.com/Jamie-Michelle-Tropical-Astrology.html) and [here](https://archive.is/2oKNF); download: [here](https://archive.org/download/Tropical-Astrology/Jamie-Michelle-Tropical-Astrology.html). A lot of research and attention to detail has been put into this. This began mostly as my own notes for myself. I find the intersection between different cultures' ancient beliefs and their connection to the modern science of astronomy to be quite interesting, including how that ancientness has carried forward to the present time. For example, in English the days of the week are named after deities—mostly Norse deities—and those deities in turn were each associated as representing one of the seven classical planets. So each day of the week also has a classical planet associated with it. And this same connection goes back to the ancient Mesopotamian deities, through the Greeks and Romans, and is even found in Hinduism. There's actually a lot of overlap between these cultures, which continues to this day in our modern culture. I provide tables of rows and columns which explicate these connections in a convenient way. A good deal of historical digging had to be done in order to nail-down some of this information. Presently there's a lot of confusion that exists regarding the referent identity of Sagittarius; and to a somewhat lesser extent, so also with Capricorn, and even some of the other Zodiacal signs. One might think that this historical cultural information would have been better preserved and known by those who make it their interest to write on such topics, but such is not the case. So my choices regarding the aforesaid referent identities haven't been made lightly. As far as what I have come across, this information has never been laid out in such a systematic and well-researched manner. One area where I might expand on this article is to give scholarly citations while explaining how I arrived at some of the possibly more surprising referent identities. As indicated, I additionally make the connection between astrology and the modern science of astronomy, and even modern medical science. I provide a number of astronomical and mathematical resources for those who might desire to learn about astronomy more. So if one comes at this information from the cultural perspective, one might be inspired to learn more about its scientific/astronomical aspects. Or if one comes at it from the scientific/astronomical perspective, one might be inspired to learn more about its cultural aspects. There ought to be something here for almost everybody! ⁂ For additional writings by me, see also my below *Linktree* profile to find other social-media websites that I'm on: * ["jamie_michelle"](https://linktr.ee/jamie_michelle), *Linktree*; also available [here](https://megalodon.jp/2022-0916-1110-14/linktr.ee/jamie_michelle) and [here](https://archive.is/FAzga).

Sacred Geometries and Their Scientific Meanings: The interface between science and the transcendental as a mathematical theophany
How sacred geometries are equivalent to one another, encode the nature of all levels of reality and embody the structure and dynamics of the basic particles of matter.

The infinite multyvers(spacetime/all of existence) is an infinite tetrahedron grid shaped energy field made out of gods Consciousness(energy) the smallest infinite tetrahedron grid's that make up the infinite multyvers are xen particles A.K.A superstring's which are E8(torus) infinite tetrahedron grid's. the superstrings are in a quantum state and have infinite vibrations which forms all the dimensions.

I Ching is one of the world’s oldest texts, dated to 1000 years BC, and it is said to have origins even further back in time. The text describes the laws of nature through the union of polarities and its diagram consists of 64 hexagrams representing various points of balance between Yin and Yang – negative and positive energy. When we put all opposing polarized hexagrams together they form the lines of a 64 and a 512-tetrahedral matrix, which is the necessary geometry to describe the perfect balance and fractal recursion of space-time. The fact that the diagram depicts two iterations of the fractal – 64 and 512 tetrahedrons – is no coincidence. As we have seen in the Fractal-Holographic Universe it is precisely this difference of vector density in the vacuum geometry which is the source of the universal torque, centrifugal forces and thus visible manifestation. The density of vectors required to form symmetrical stability of the infinite vacuum energy steadily increases towards higher density as we move into deeper resolutions of the fractal. This creates relative gradients of energy density, from infinitely dense to infinitely un-dense, and it is precicely these differences that drives space-time torque at all levels, from atom to universe, in the same way that small differences in pressure and temperature in the weather systems on earth drives enormous hurricanes.

Alchemy of the Splendor Solis
One of the British Museum's most prized possessions (the Harley 3469 MS), the Splendor Solis is considered the world's most beautiful (and perhaps important!) alchemical manuscript. We will talk a little about its history and relevance, then review in full the 22 plates and their initiatory significance as a guide for the alchemical journey. We will also showcase 6 other versions of the MS, all newly digitally restored and enhanced.

Unlocking the Hebrew Sequence of Formation
S.Y.-1:1 Through 32 well trodden paths, mysterious things of wisdom, Yah portrayed: IHVH Tzabaoth, Elohi Israel, Elohim of Life; and the King of eternity, El Shaddai, merciful and gracious, high and exalted, dwelling throughout time; and the holy Name, lofty and holy He is. And [Yah] created the entirety of time through a triad of written things: through text (symbolization of meaning), and number (sequentialization of meaning), and through communication (the interaction of one symbolized meaning with another). S.Y.-1:2 Ten symbols made of nothingness and 22 potentials of foundation: 3 mothers and 7 doubles and 12 rinds.

Permutations of the Tree: BOOK 231
"And they repeat in a cycle and exist in 231 Gates. And it comes to pass that all that is formed and all that is spoken, emanates from a single Name." -- Sepher Yetzirah 2:5

The First Five Pages: Atlantean Technology
The mechanisms behind the technology from Atlantean and other Antediluvian Civilizations

Polarity Therapy
Dr. Randolph Stone understood that the human body is a tetrapolar magnet and developed methods to heal the body in accordance with that knowledge

The Real 12 Band Micro Vibrational Spectrum
- 00:00 - The Different Levels of Creation - 00:40 - The Truth About Electromagnetic Energy - 02:00 - Decayed Vital Life Force - 03:45 - Why Ancient Civilisations Were Accurate & Modern Science Is Incomplete - 04:45 - The Complete 12 Band Subtle Energy Vibrational Spectrum - 06:35 - Quality Scales and Their Manifestation Potentials - 08:05 - Vibrational Qualities (The Orange Band) - 09:30 - Vibrational Qualities (The Gold Band) - 10:05 - Vibrational Qualities (The Negative Green Band)

Basic QBLH 101

The word occult comes from the Latin word occultus (clandestine, hidden, secret), referring to “knowledge of the hidden” or “hidden knowledge”.

The term occult sciences was used in 16th-century Europe to refer to astrology, alchemy, and natural magic, which today are considered pseudosciences. The term occultism emerged in 19th-century France, amongst figures such as Antoine Court de Gébelin. It came to be associated with various French esoteric groups connected to Éliphas Lévi and Papus, and in 1875 was introduced into the English language by the esotericist Helena Blavatsky.

Throughout the 20th century, the term was used idiosyncratically by a range of different authors, but by the 21st century was commonly employed – including by academic scholars of esotericism – to refer to a range of esoteric currents that developed in the mid-19th century and their descendants. Occultism is thus often used to categorise such esoteric traditions as Spiritualism, Theosophy, Anthroposophy, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and New Age.


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