1. They can’t get pregnant.

  2. They have a X and a Y chromosome.

  3. They look like men.

  4. They are physically stronger than women.

  5. Men don’t want to marry them because it would be gay to have sex with them and also number 1.

Darn, I wanted to see what that guy had to say. So much for discourse

03 tháng

I restored those comments. Every now and again that guy makes a new user name and comments on every thread that certain groups should die and woman want to get raped. The rape thing is technically fine I guess until it becomes spam.

We don’t have legal funds so anything close to serious threats has to be removed. After a few comments I temp ban him.

That’s also why we use decentralized software so other admins can keep him around. Generally, if wolfballs bans anyone we are the last to ban them. He was already banned from exploading-heads.

Thank you for restoring the comments and explaining the legal risk factor to me. I completely understand.

Out of curiosity, do you get an IP to associate different usernames with? It’s a bummer that he’s spreading vitriol across different pseudonyms.

03 tháng

I can log it if I want. I don’t for privacy reasons. It’s just really easy to tell it’s the same person because it’s the same stupid shit he post over and over about why girls want black guys to rape them and why black people should all be dead or something.

3 tháng

My take:

  1. They were born as men. You can’t be a female if you were born a man. And why would anyone want to be a fucking female if you were born as a strong man? That’s like wanting to be a mouse when you’re a lion.

  2. The only purpose for a female to live is to birth as many children as possible. If she can’t do that - there’s no reason for her to exist.

03 tháng

The only purpose for a female to live is to birth as many children as possible.

I’ve got a sandwich and a kitchen full of clean dishes that disagrees with you.

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